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Module 4 Lesson 3
Today we are practicing making predictions about the future.
First of all watch the grammar reminder about future aspects.
1. Grammar
Watch the video about
Future Tenses comparison.
2. Training grammar
2.1 Write the grammar ex-s in your WB, check yourself by the key.

Make the future tenses. It could be a positive sentence, a negative sentence or a question.

1. She / wait when / we arrive
Future Continuous

2. By next week I / finish this work
Future Perfect

3. I / live here for one year next week
Future Perfect Continuous

4. Who / pass the exam?
Future Perfect Continuous

5. She / study / so she / will be tired
Future Perfect Continuous

6. How / you / get home?
Future Continuous

7. I / come later
Future Simple

8. She / catch the train by 3pm
Future Perfect

9. It / rain tomorrow
Future Simple

10. We / arrive in Bermuda / by this time tomorrow
Future Perfect

11. John / sleep at 4am
Future Continuous

12. I / not / complete the report / by 5pm tomorrow
Future Perfect

13. How long / you / see your boyfriend when you get married?
Future Perfect Continuous

14. You / have dinner by 8pm?
Future Perfect

14. It / rain in Scotland / next week
Future Continuous

15. When / she / sell the house?
Future Perfect
Answer key
1. She will be waiting when we arrive.

2. By next week I will have finished this work.

3. I will have been living here for one year next week.

4. Who will pass the exam?

5. She will have been studying so she will be tired.

6. How will you be getting home?

7. I will come later.

8. She will have caught the train by 3pm.

9. It will rain tomorrow.

10. We will have arrived in Bermuda by this time tomorrow. 11. John will be sleeping at 4am.

12. I will not have completed the report by 5pm tomorrow.

13. How long will you have been seeing your boyfriend when you get married?

14. Will you have had dinner by 8pm?

15. When will she have sold the house?
2.2 There are 3 headlines with images for you.
Write a paragraph (4-5) sentences, try to use ALL future aspects.

Print a world for yourself
Smart house will keep
track of your health
like a live-in nurse
Humans cloned
successfully at last!
So, guys… our 4th training week is over, I hope you will have done all your tasks by Saturday.
See you soon!

Have you completed the lesson?
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